How To Prepare For BARC Interview

BARC Interview Guidance

Interview Tips: How To Prepare For BARC Interview

The Bhabha Atomic Research Center conducts an examination for the posts of constituent units of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) through direct recruitment for 181 posts of Technical Officer/C, 7 posts of Scientific Assistant/B, and 24 posts of Technician/B. The declaration of the result is pending. Securing a position at BARC is a significant achievement, and preparing for the interview at BARC is a critical step towards making your dream a reality.

Interviews conducted by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) are different from any other research or academic organisation. These are certainly different from the interviews conducted by PSU or Govt departments. Once candidate is shortlisted for interview in BARC, then the weightage of written exam is not there and interview is decisive factor.
Hence, interviews become very important for selection in BARC. The number of students called for interview in BARC are also 20 times which is highest compared to other organisations. The interviews conducted by BARC are very gruelling, in depth, exhaustive and long. Average duration of BARC interviews is approximately 45 min. It may stretch up to 1.5 hr in case of some candidates. Interview conducted by BARC are supposed to be the toughest.

Following are the points that differentiate the interviews conducted by BARC from others:
1. Very long duration, approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour
2. Asking in-depth concepts
3. You need to tell your 5 favourite subjects
4. Questions can be asked beyond these subjects too
5. You need to use the board and derive some expression if required
6. The approach is checked instead of the knowledge
7. Even if you give wrong answer but have correct approach, you may get selected
8. A simple question is asked where thinking is required.
9. The difficulty level of the questions keeps on increasing, and you need to have divergent thinking when answering them.
10. You need to follow the approach instead of bothering about the answer
11. Sometimes you will be asked only two questions in the entire hour of the interview, but related questions will be asked.

BARC Interview Strategy
Many students ask this question. Students think that reading some different books will help them develop the concepts being asked in the BARC interview. Actually, it is not true. Concepts learned from any book will be sufficient if you have done them properly. The questions asked will be simple but require thinking. So, the best way to learn to swim is to start swimming. Similarly, the best way to master the art of interviews is to start facing them. Start going for the mock interviews with BARC.

Interviews Module by YourPedia
Yourpedia is the dedicated and only online platform for mentoring students for interview preparation. The interview is last but most crucial stage in the process of career exploration. You must take this seriously and put as much effort as you have done for clearing the written exam. Yourpedia mentors are trained and experts in guiding you through such preparation. You will be provided the simulated mock interviews where you can check your level of preparation and take it in the right direction. Mentors of Yourpedia will be exposed to the real interview questions asked in BARC. You will also learn from the panel of YourPedia where previous years interview questions of BARC is kept for your reference. So let's start exploring and preparing for the interviews of BARC.

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