Interview & Group Discussion Preparation for PGCIL

How do I prepare for it?

Power Grid Corporation (PGCIL) is one of the most reputed Maharatna PSU in India and a dream company for many technocrats. Getting the interview call from such a reputed PSU is a matter of great pride for candidates, as a very high rank is needed to get an interview and group discussion (GD) call from PGC. Interviews and GD are very important steps for the final selection in the company.

The interview consists of two main components. HR questions and technical questions based upon practical exposure are asked in the interview. HR questions are based on your profile, CV and bio-data and consist of your academic and personal background. There are questions related to PGC as well. Referring to the PGC website is very important for answering the questions. Many times, questions are asked related to your B. Tech. Or M.Tech. projects, internships, job experiences, etc. If you have any career gap, then questions will be asked to you related to those as well. Why only PGC was asked is a very important question.
As far as group discussion (GD) is concerned, it is very crucial and often eliminating in nature. If you don’t score above the minimum mark (normally 40%), then you may get eliminated from the process. Though GD is not difficult there is a need to practice these very well. YourPedia provides the best platform for students to practice the GD and prepare really well for the expected topics which may be provided for GD. With the practice of a couple of GD sessions online with mentors of YourPedia, candidate will develop the confidence to clear this stage. There are many students who go without any such practice and eventually can’t perform nicely in the GD.
The topics in GD to be asked in Power Grid Corporation interview are of two types. One that is static and generic in nature and can be asked. Other types of questions asked are related to current topics, such as the repercussions of India becoming the most populous nation in the world. There are ten to fifteen current topics that are most important, and the probability of GD being asked about these is very high.
Start your journey of preparation of PGCIL 2023 interview and GD with mentors of yourpedia and score high in these rounds for your final selection. The mentors are really experts in preparing you for GD and interview rounds.
Its high time, as PGCIL shortlisting through Gate 2023 is around the corner. Yourpedia would help you achieve your target, with the help of simulation, PGCIL interview preparation, and PGCIL interview guidance. Group discussion needs immense practice, and Yourpedia provides you platform to do that, cover all PGCIL, GD important topics, and how to handle any random topic. Practice multiple one to one HR, and technical session; apart from that build up your confidence for massive Group discussion sessions. Also, please visit the website of PGCIL and see the latest updates. Please also refer to the document prepared by team YourPedia related to PGCIL.
Get ready to score high in interviews and GD as part of PGCIL 2023 with the best mentoring of team YOURPEDIA.

Some HR questions asked last year PGCIL interview are mentioned below:

  1. Why do you want to join PGCIL

  2. Why not other PSU

  3. Relevance of PGCIL in national development

  4. CMD of PGCIL

  5. Ministry under which PGCIL comes

  6. Why do you think suitable for this company

  7. What do you bring on board if you get selected

  8. You don’t have any relevant experience for our company

  9. Your contribution to nation so far

  10. How do you assure us that you will not prepare for UPSC if you get selected

  11. Do you know who is director HR of PGCIL

  12. What is SMART METER?

  13. What is corporate social responsibility and which activities will you consider in it if you are given responsibilities to choose

  14. What will you do if your old parents need you in the village for their care, and you are doing a job in PGCIL

  15. What if you get in another PSU also why will you choose PGCIL

  16. The latest news you have heard related to PGCIL recently

  17. One grid one nation please explain

  18. Why you instead of experienced candidates we are getting today

  19. How can your weakness become the strength for PGCIL

  20. How shall you continue with your hobby being in PGCIL

  21. Why your close friends criticise you

  22. Can India become self-reliant in core sectors?

  23. Your biggest regret in life

  24. One thing you don’t like in you

  25. Happiest moment of your family

Similarly, last time some GD topics asked in PGCIL interviews were:

  1. India on the path of becoming the largest economy

  2. Biggest challenges for Indian youth

  3. India’s foreign policy, still non-aligned

  4. Experience vs. Capability

  5. Smart work is key to success

  6. COVID-19 taught us many things

  7. Work from home pros and cons

  8. Learning from pandemic

  9. Kids are the most sufferers from COVID-19

  10. Life post-pandemic

  11. Work-life balance is a myth

  12. Lack of confidence, better than overconfidence

  13. Politicians should be educated people

  14. Indian population its strength or weakness

  15. Online education good or bad

  16. Entrepreneurship is the solution to unemployment

  17. Old age is a curse

  18. Old age homes need of future

  19. Nonviolence still a relevant concept

  20. India as a superpower in the world

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