50+ Actual GT topics asked in IOCL 2021, 2022


Team YourPedia has done wonderful work in field of mentoring students for GD, GT and PI. Previous couple of years, YourPedia has mentored thousands of students for these learning domains. YourPedia is largest online learning platform for GD, GT and PI. We have made number of videos on various HR questions asked in IOCL interview. GD and GT asked in IOCL in previous years are also provided by YourPedia to students.
You can refer to this list of topics of GD and GT and also HR questions asked in previous years in IOCL interview so that you get an idea about how to prepare for these. You can also do lots of practice with team YourPedia for these domains. We are providing you the list of these topics along with detailed document of IOCL for your thorough interview preparation.

50+ Actual IOCL GT Topics
1. You have to make a rural tourism hub near Delhi city for the urban people to experience village life. Make a whole plan for this tourism hub.
2. If you go on a cold desert, what things you will take with you. Make a list of 7 things.
3. You are a committee member and you have to eliminate the dowry system. What steps will you take?
4. You are in the top position of a company and you have to aware your workers about “Health is Wealth”. What steps will you take?
5. We have a large population but still our number of medals are less so how we can increase the number of medals in sports.
6. You have to setup a framework to reduce sexual harassment at your workplace.What steps you will take.
7. You have 10 engineers and you have to give them training in 7 days and you have a budget of 5 lakh so that they can work for a year. How will you allocate this budget?
8. You are an officer of IOCL and you have to plan a vacation for your staff including your CMD. What steps will you take?
9. You are in IOCL and have to increase the health index of your employee. What steps you will take.
10. We all are alumni of a college. Because of Covid our college is facing issues and our principal is seeking help from us to resolve the problem. So plan and budget for this.
11. You are working in a refinery and suddenly an explosion happens and you have no data connection or any other communication and there are around 100 members there including women, children and senior citizens. What steps you will take. (There is also another refinery nearby).
12. They give a white paper to everyone and we all have to make something on this paper but when we put this on their table, it should come out with some meaning or some creative thing.
13. You have to allocate funds to different sectors like defense, agriculture, education, health, Industries,politics etc.
14. You have funds for water conservation and saving water in urban areas. How will you use this money?
15. Delhi is a fast growing city. As a technical engineer how can you make this city good for living?
16. You are an IOCL manager and you are handling a project. Your team is having some non-technical issues like emotional and personal. How will you tackle this?
17. Our economy fell due to Covid. You are a government employee so you have to prepare some plan to improve this situation and increase rupee value.
18. Discuss about women safety. What additional measures should we take for women safety in India?
19. You are an IOCL employee. There is a garbage disposal problem in your society. What will you do for this?
20. How to increase our medals in next Olympics
21. What steps should the government take to reduce violence and harassment on women in rural areas.
22. What are problems in democracy and how can we manage the protests that happen in democracy?
23. Make 7 strategies in a short term manner to bring the Indian economy back from Covid
24. You have to conduct an online get together for students. How will you do this so that maximum students involve in this.
25. IIT have good rankings in India but in World ranking it is not that good. Suggest some points to the government to improve this.
26. How will you make a transmission line from Utrakhand to Bihar & UP rural areas.
27. If you are stuck in a dense forest. What 7 things you will choose for survival.
28. NPA are increasing day by day in India and common people are suffering because of this. You have to make steps to improve this.
29. We want to make India a popular travel destination after Covid. What steps you will take.
30. Give solutions for climate change and global warming.
31. How can renewable energy be used to move from darkness to light?
32. You are a member of a committee and you have to take some steps for Women empowerment.
33. A ship is sinking and there are 13 people there. You have 2-3 hours and to rescue 1 person it takes roughly 15 minutes. There are people of different age groups. What will be your order of saving people and why?
34. You are an IOCL executive. There are 1200 outlets in Rajasthan of IOCL. You have to increase the sales of these outlets as compared to its competitors. What steps you will take.
35. You are in lockdown phase-1. People are moving to their native places. Make a plan so that these people can reach their places while maintaining social distance.
36. We have 400 petrol pumps working in Rajasthan and you have increase their sales. Give your points for that.
37. You are an IOCL employee. You have to make your work environment Eco-friendly. What steps you will take.
38. You are an IOCl employee, what steps you will take to take strong feedback from your customers about your products.
39. How can unemployed youth of India be made skillful?
40. You have to make a hit bollywood film. What will be three important for this and what should be their proportion.
41. You are a member of a committee and you have to plan something for the welfare of the youth of Kashmir. Give your points.
42. You are in the BCCI.You have to take care of your players in this Covid time but at the same time you have to earn money as well. What steps you will take to make a balance in both.
43. You have to divide 100 rupee in household work according to work priority.
44. The Supreme court passed a judgment that employees don’t have the right to choose their posting location.It is the employer's decision. Now you are CEO of IOCL. You have to develop a posting system in IOCL.
45. Discuss points how BCCI can increase its revenue during Covid and how can we encourage our players as they have to travel Covid and they can’t meet anyone.
46. Upper management(Us) and labor (them). This Us vs them is creating anger and issues in the labor class(them). You're an IOCL officer, what will you do?
47. You are a NGO team member and working in a village. Here girls are not comfortable in going to school as school is situated outside of the village. You have to plan something to increase the girl education in this area.
48. You are a civil engineer and you have to make a high rise building with commercial in the bottom and then institutional. Make sure it is a green building.
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