“Changing landscape of Education”

Group Discussion Preparation

Basic Structure

1. Introductory Structure
Typical introduction to every group discussion should carry the following essential points:
• Greetings to everyone
• Introduce the topic
• Give the general meaning/ definition/ any introductory line related to the topic
• Provide various dimensions of the topic if you can, classifications, types etc. This provides the broad headings under which the topic should be discussed such as pros, cons, advantages, disadvantages etc
• Your opinion (are you in favor or against that topic, you may take one side or both sides)
• Open the house for discussion

2. Body Part
• Start discussion on the points as per direction provided in the introduction
• Initially cover all the important points which you can talk about
• Try to cover each dimension of the topic such as pros and cons
• Try to seek clarification from other members by asking them questions related to what they said, this helps you to be in discussion
• Ask questions from others, this helps to make others silent and listen to your point
• Provide examples to support your view, examples may be from real life of otherwise
• Try to use these sentences: I don’t agree with you, I agree with your view, let me add to what you just said, why do you think this is the case, friends let me provide you one data, friends let me quote the lines of Gandhi ji
• Friends if you allow me then I want to put forth my point
• Friends you will agree with me that ……
• Let me tell u an incident or story….
• Try to enter min 3 times during discussion

3. Conclusion Structure
The conclusion of GD is the conclusion of entire group and it must contain the points provided by each member. Make sure you have jotted down the important points said by members
• On behalf of everyone, I would like to take the initiation to conclude the discussion
• It was quite a healthy/fruitful/ all members exchanged their viewpoint
• We could reach consensus/ though we could not reach any consensus but important points were discussed
• Discuss some quotes/ viewpoints of your mates which you find quite good, try to mention the points which you have jotted down
• Go for a very neutral ending; as a coin has got two sides, similarly one must look towards the positive sides and try to learn from the negative ones.
• Thankyou

“Changing landscape of Education”

“Changing landscape of Education”

• Good morning, everyone, my name is Shubhya, let me introduce the topic to all of you
• The topic of today’s discussion is “Changing landscape of Education”
• It is very interesting and relevant topic and incidentally we all can personally related this topic to our day to day lives
• We must divide this topic into the recent changes in the way education and learning is being imparted now a days
• We recently saw global pandemic corona and also saw the changes it brought in domain of education
• So, friends letus talk about what are the new changes we are observing in education being provided and learning of the students, impact of technology on it, positive changes and also negative changes die to all these
• We must look forward towards the opinion of everyone
• Friends let’s start the discussion and divide this in two broad categories, advantages and disadvantages associated with reading books and reading on the screen
• Now I welcome you all to provide your valuable points

1. Gone are the days when education system was confined inside four walls of the room. The online learning has made it possible to learn it anywhere, as per the convenience set by the students. The availability of the new learning methods such as educational apps, digital books has advanced the level of education system and thus can be termed as the most significant changes in educational landscape in recent years.
2. We must also see the impact of new technologies on the way education is being imparted, we have good accessibility of internet which further facilitated online education, we are talking about virtual and augmented reality now a days and recent being the AI tools. So, impact of technology on learning is going to bring huge changes in landscape
3. Globalization has led its huge impact in the prevailing education system, now the students can learn any time, anywhere around the globe from the best of faculty be it residing on the other part of the globe. The education system has reached its advanced level and now students can learn about other cultures and countries easily.
4. Artificial intelligence, has captured not only the industries but also has paved its ways towards the education sector. AI tools, have made predominant changes in way the teacher teaches and students learn, making it way more interactive. personalized level of teaching is being promoted where students get the best of opportunities to learn and evaluate themselves in an effective manner.
5. These days, the machines have replaced humans and thus various kind of new opportunities are seen in areas such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, data science and many more. The kind of shift that is being noticed in job market has certainly led to bring significant changes in evolving education system.

Positive impacts which are being noticed through changing education system:
a. There is significant amount of reduction in the education gap prevailing between the developing and the developed countries, helping the people to acquire modern skills in order to lead a successful life in return.
b. The education system has started catering the needs of the students based on the personal preference and thus tailored the master plan towards their successful career.
c. The awareness in the education sector has led the students learn and grasp about the modern techniques prevalent across the world, globalization has certainly led to wide exposure.
d. Now the education system is not only about learning more theories, but making the students more skill based, where the critical thinking skills, creativity and problem-solving arenas of students would widen, ultimately helping them to seek new emerging jobs.

Negative impacts being noticed due to changing landscapes:
a. The students have become totally relied on technology and thus it has led to reduced social interaction and more reliance on screen time.
b. Quite a huge number of students belong to families who cannot afford much, and thus all students cannot afford smart phones.
c. Though globalization and online learning has led to increased cross-cultural understanding, however it has resulted in huge cultural clashes and even lack of understanding of local cultural values and norms.
d. The kind of faculty required in this evolving education process, require good training measures for teachers which is hard to acquire in short time period.

• Friends let me conclude the topic on behalf of entire group.
• We had a fruitful discussion and we saw that there are tremendous positive changes in the way education is being imparted
• We also discussed the impact of new technological breakthroughs in education
• We discussed how the adversity of covid was turned into opportunity by passionate educationist’s world over
• We also discussed some of the negatives associated with new methodologies on learning such as impact of new methods on eye sight of children and lesser teacher pupil interactions, lack of attention span and lesser inclination of students on self-exploration
• Overall, we had very good discussion on this very relevant topic
• ……….
• I Thank You all for this wonderful discussion

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